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What happened?#16


This used to be my go to OW site for great deals. Now its more expensive and has worse flights than buying from the carrier :(

4 years ago

Sorry to hear that :/ We’re depending on a 3rd party API for our flight data but we haven’t changed anything on our end. What routes are you looking at so I can have a look and compare?

4 years ago

Hey Hans! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Totally understand its out of your control. I appreciate your response! I’m looking for a flight from KGL/NBO/EBB to Brussels/Paris/Amsterdam/London (anywhere within ~300km of Brussels) leaving on February 7/8. We did find NBO>ORY for $307 which wasn’t bad at all.

Also, not exactly sure if it works this way but I tend to find the best flights on Kiwi, Momondo, and Flighthub. If its possible to pull an api from those sights, it might be worth looking into.

Thanks again for making an awesome service!

4 years ago

Hi Kevin, first of all, thanks for using FL and using it as your “go to” site. That is what I am striving for so it’s nice to hear that. All that being said, it’s not perfect. There is still a lot of work to be done, like adding more API’s to get more flight data. Currently, I am using the Kiwi API, so technically you should be seeing the same prices on FL as on Kiwi.

I do want to add additional API’s in the very near future. I have used FL personally several times and from my experience, it isn’t always cheaper. But my suspicion is that no platform can claim that they are ALL THE TIME. It seems like the prices fluctuate a lot. For example: I wasn’t able to find the flight you found at $307 from NBO > ORY. I’m seeing higher prices. But we’re getting closer to those departure date, so who knows.

I did a quick search for NBO > ORY between Feb 4 to 11th on both FL and Kiwi. What is strange is that the price for a flight on the 8th is cheaper by $9 on FL. I have no idea why and I’m not seeing anything near $307.

Check this out,

I did try a few country to region searchs on FL to see what I could get. Rwanda to Europe, Uganda to Europe and Kenya to Europe. All the prices I am seeing are between $400-500.

To your point though, I will be adding new features and API’s in the very near future. So hopefully we’ll be able to see better deals.

Let me know if you manage to find a good deal (on any site). I’d be interested to compare with FL and try and understand why that is.

4 years ago

Hey, you made an awesome product! If you’re not already getting a commission on the sales, I hope you can soon. Seriously, nobody else delivers any sort of similar value to what you built.

That makes sense.

I’m thinking that I found that price on google flights maybe. It’s with airmaroc.

I’ll keep you updated! My top sites are FL, Kiwi, Momondo, Priceline, Skiplagged, and Flighthub

4 years ago